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09 February 2009 - 11:45 AM

OUCH! That makes the item not BO in the STOCK database, but doesn't take into account the database that has those items on BO on specific orders. No offense, but I can clearly tell that you should NOT be using DBUWIN! You should have gone into MOM, list status of pending orders that are BO (narrowing it down to one specific sku if you want) and then open those orders and removing the item with BO status. What you have done will surely create the crashing of the MOM program during daily use whenever it encounters database corruption (which is what it is at this point.)

It hasn't been a problem yet. Though I can see now how it could be, thanks for pointing it out. What we were doing was wiping everything from our database by deleting items and orders, to start from scratch. There were so many problems before, and many times having database corruption. Now everything is stable and we can do the list pending orders way of doing it.

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03 February 2009 - 01:29 PM

I agree with all those points. Plus the fact they made false promises to get you to buy the crap.
I'd ditch MOM and write my own program if I could. But we've invested so much in the damn system already that the boss doesn't want to invest any more.

So many damn bugs and problems and cant do this and cant do that.

Heck, you could get much better stuff for free from microsoft. Get Visual Studio, learn VB.NET code, learn SQL Server database, and create your own sales system from that. Or hire a programmer to do it for you, either way it's much cheaper. plus if you have an issue, its your program, you can go back and change whatever you want.

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03 February 2009 - 01:19 PM

What did you change in the files ?

I am having the same problem

Change the backorder column. You'll have to scroll through and find the items, then you'll see in the backordered column a number, change that to zero.
Backup the entire database before doing anything.

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19 November 2008 - 11:51 AM

We have had the same problem trying to create a lay-a-way system in our two shops.
We found a way to do this through POP. It's a little complicated but It's tested and works.

>Select a Bill to, either create or choose a customer.
> Say an item is $10, customer wants to put down half that, $5, enter $5 into tendered cash. (we haven't tested this with credit yet, but it should work the same in theory)
>A window will pop up saying "you need to collect the full amount, do you want to re-enter?", click No
> Select "show order total" you will see the $5 payment applied
> Select "Come back later" to put the sale on hold
> when you come back, select Multi-pay, you will see the last applied payment listed, with a balance of payment needed.
> Add a new payment to match balance of payment. If done right the balance of payment needed should be 0.
> Save order

In Topic: Backordered

14 November 2008 - 10:46 AM


Went into dbuwin and modified the stock.dbf and bin.dbf tables. Also worked on changeing commited items. I backed up the entire database first of course.