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Automatically changing all PS line items to SH

16 October 2008 - 11:36 AM

Hey All!

I am trying to setup an application that can run against the MOM database (We are using version 5.4) and automate updating the status of Pending Shipment line items to Shipped. The way the company works is invoices are created and printed and packages are shipped and then the user goes into MOM and manually changes the status line item by line item. My goal is to automate this. I know there is Worldship and Endicia integration but that is not what is being used in this case.

Has anyone ever seen anything that will go through MOM and update every single line item's status? Is there anyone that would be willing to take on a project like this? I have worked out most of the logic but there are still a few fields in the database that are giving me problems...