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Credit Card Encryption + others

22 July 2004 - 06:10 AM

Hi everyone,
We just upgraded from MOM version 3 all the way to MOM version 5. Having some major issues, which hopefully someone here can let me know how to fix.

The first major problem we're having is the credit card encryption. In MOM v 3, there was no encryption. Being in South Africa, we don't have the ICASS options to choose as the banks do not support the methods used by MOM. We had a programme created for us to copy from the CMS.DBF file, all the card numbers into another .txt file. This file was formatted correctly and then sent to our bank for processing. Now with the version 5, it's encrypted the card into a 48 digit sequence. Obviously this is playing havoc with the system in place, and we've had to revert back to version 3 until we can sort this out. I was hoping there was a "Don't encrypt" button somewhere, but alas not. Is there a program that was made after version 4 was brought out to decrypt this number? I've got someone looking into decrypt it, as I found how it's being done, so if he gets it working this will fix my major problem.
Other problems are small.
1. When entering the "Shipping method' after entering the credit card details, instead of jumping to the next box on the right, it jumps back onto either the Credit Card number, or the card type. This creates confusion with our call centre or immediately start to type, and replacing the card number. Very irritating.
2. How can we change all screens with the $ symbol with our South African rand symbol R.

Many thanks,