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In Topic: New Sitelink memo encryption

18 May 2009 - 12:13 AM

The encryption issue is a real thorn in my side as well. I have import routines through MSAccess which allow me to add 100's of items and all of the web information in a few minutes as opposed to hours/days with thier interface. Now I am relegated to doing part with my routines and too much with thier interface. I have asked for the decryption algorythm but they have said that it's proprietary and they will not part with it. I have offered to sign a non disclosure aggreement to get passed this but again, they are unwilling.

The real issue for them is 3rd party hosting. They put this in place when they were loosing site link customers to 3rd party hosts. Now if you use a 3rd party host you have to have your web data outside of MOM.


God, people! I can't believe you're not sreaming about/at these Dydacomp folks. They're treating you like chumps!

Say you aren't happy with Authorize.net as your provider for whatever reason, and they won't support anything else, then you will need to move your data to another business software package, right?

If they won't then give you *ALL* of your data without squeezing another $50,000 out of you first, then they seem to be putting themselves in a risky legal position. As I last heard from anyone knowledgeable about this topic, that is roughly the actual cost they were asking before you could have your encrypted data back. Is this not extortion?

In Topic: M.O.M. and Authorize.net

17 May 2009 - 11:42 PM

Hi Bruce, et al.

We too are being charged through Authorize; MOM forced us to close our current Authorize accounts and re-open them through DydaComp. I agree that it's not allowing "free trade", and there should be something done about it. Unfortunately, Dydacomp has deeper pockets than we do...

Also MOM had so many issues with functioning properly (uploading to Amazon, generating emails with tracking info, listing prices with items, on and on....) that we would like to sue their pants off too.

If we can help, holler.

Evidently, it is also illegal to tie up (encrypt, for instance) a customer's data with your leased software, thereby forcing them to use your services while charging them extortion fees. This is precisely what they were doing last I checked.

Do any of you have a SiteLink website with them (or whatever they're calling it)? Try taking that data out of your database and putting it all in a SQL database so you can use an open source web server package. If it's impossible for you to do that without first paying them $50,000, then they're likely breaking the law.

In Topic: MOM a Nightmare

09 April 2009 - 07:35 PM

Lets try to keep the bashing to a minimum, we all know why I created this forum to begin with so lets keep a positive focus on helping each other.


To help, I would assume. To help those who need help with this program?

OK. I can help -- more than any of you might think possible (especially if you've ever had a deeply technical issue and they refused to help) . And I'm not even talking about getting you to use a different program either. I know that's unrealistic. The thing is, it's partly unrealistic because Dydacomp did a phenomenal job in making it nearly impossible to leave them. The other reason is that it is a huge program, and it is a lot of work to replace all that functionality.

So, that's a shame, but you're right. I could be of assistance instead of just joining in the hate-fest, so if any of you have technical questions that you can't get Dydacomp to answer (or that they literally do not know the answer to) about their software, I can probably help you. Seriously.

If it's a repeatable error, lock-up, etc., then I might require a demo copy of the version you're using in order to help you figure out what's going on, but if I can find the time, then I'll see what I can do. I'm not talking about an illegal copy here -- I mean "demo", as in that disc they'll ship to you for $35 or so. Of course, that's not necessarily going to provice enough info every time (e.g., your data may actually have been corrupted somehow), but there are some major changes between versions, so I would at least need to know which version you're working with (and probably would need a copy of at least a basic demo version of the same).

I'm mentioning all this because I have already gone to the trouble of replacing a large portion of the functionality with my own code, so I have dealt with MOM's quirks on a personal level with no help from Dydacomp for the better part of a decade. I don't have all the time in the world; I'm a full-time sysadmin, but I may be able to help with some problems where they will refuse to help you "because messing around with the system can cause worse problems" or some such excuse. That's the reason they gave when they refused to help me, and we never paid them another cent after that phone call. It's not untrue; rummaging around inside that system could cause more damage, but sometimes you don't have much choice. That's when you make a backup and dive in. You'd be amazed what you can accomplish when you try. Trust me.

In Topic: MOM a Nightmare

01 April 2009 - 12:09 AM

Having trouble with MOM ?
For me its a nightmare. Here are a few ideas.

#1 Put the Tech Support number on speed dial. - I have to dial it at least once a day.
#2 Make the on hold music your favorite song. - You will know all the words to all the songs because of the long wait time. �Hey Dilahla� sound familiar ?
#3 Start calling MOM "GRANDMA" since it always sick, it is more tolerable if you expect it.
#4 Custom work ? I have called Louis Evangelista and left 2 messages and sent 2 emails. Al Pasquale �AKA bullshit artist� Over sold me on sitelink., Do you have any control of anything that goes on. Or do you just take the pay check ?
#5 Shared inventory module shares the inventory and multiplies the problems exponentially.
#6 Keep a gun close. During really frustrating times- consider blowing your head off.
#7 Look for an alternative. I�m considering paper and a calculator. Anything is better
#8 When you loose your business because you spend so much time dealing with MOM. You can always get a job at Dydacomp tech support.

PS: Anyone want to join me in a class action lawsuit. I am seriously considering it. My brother is a business attorney with Goetz Fitzpatrick in Manhattan . I have 11 pages of documented problems, loss of work and frustrations.

Haha, I wondered if anyone was talking of suing these swindlers yet. I just did a search on Google for Dydacomp lawsuit to see if I could find anything. I say go for it!

Not only was that one of the worst companies to work with, they helped introduce other vendors' software into our network which proved equally detrimental to our continued success (you know, these sort-of unspoken symbiotic relationship to programs like PrintChef).

MOM and SiteLink were absolute garbage when I was dealing with them, and the company proved to me repeatedly that they are uninterested in the success of their customers. They will not allow their service reps to give you any technical advice which would empower you in any way, and they will extort money from you whenever any attempt is made at breaking free of their grasp. It's called "vendor lock-in". See the Wikipedia article about what that is if you don't know: http://en.wikipedia..../Vendor_lock-in