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MOM freezing - System down

06 January 2008 - 03:04 AM

Hello everyone, we are a UK MOM using company with version 5.4 running on Windows SBS 2003. We have 12 users but are experiencing a problem which is making the system unusable. Whenever there is more than one user on the system MOM freezes after a few minutes locking everyone out. It works fine with one person only but whenever more come on the problem occurs. Once it has occurred we have to restart our server before anyone can get back on the system. We have re-indexed the system files and spoken to our UK support provider however they were not able to help and we have been talking to Dydacomp direct however they won't be available again until tomorrow afternoon which gives us a major problem Monday morning.

When the system freezes some of the error messages are:

Error reading file D:\temp\main.fxp
Error reading file K:\mom\cust.dbf
Error reading file d:\temp\udfs.fxp

Is there anyone who has experienced a similar problem or can advise anything else to try.

Thankyou in advance for any help